33 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for a Wonderful Holiday Season

Hello, DIYers!

The count down to Christmas is coming up fast! So how will you choose to track down the days? You might choose to do so with a treat for the family (including pets!), a holiday themed activity, or with an act of kindness each day! However you choose to do it, you can do it in style with one of these fantastic DIY Advent Calendars! Which will you choose to make?!

Swedish Style Hanging Advent Calendar 

Add something exceptionally beautiful to your wall this holiday season by hanging this Swedish style hanging advent calendar!


Found Panduro

Simple Bagged Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This is a simple, yet beautiful DIY advent calendar that comes complete with printable tags!

Found The Ginger Home

Forest of Trees Advent Calendar

Dress up this adorable project to your hearts content!

Found The Merry Thought

Pottery Barn Knockoff DIY Calendar 

This is a gorgeous DIY that will last for years to come!

Found Make and Do Crew

Acts of Kindness DIY Advent Calendar

This is truly the season of giving! Check out this awesome advent calendar that prompts you to commit a specific act of kindness every day!

Found Alice and Lois

Vintage Ladder Advent Calendar with Buckets

An interesting take on the traditional advent calendar. What do you think?!

Found Desire Empire

Up-Cycled Paper Towel Roll Advent Calendar

Start saving your paper towel rolls ASAP in order to create this great-looking, hanging advent calendar!

Found Mindy Pitcher

Large Ornament DIY

If you’re at a loss for how to decorate your tree, why not try this large kid-friendly DIY?!

Found Oh Happy Day

Modern DIY Christmas Calendar

How stylish is this sleek, modern DIY Christmas Countdown!

Found Weekday Carnival

Magnetic DIY Advent Calendar 

Add some festivities to your refrigerator with this awesome magnetic DIY calendar!

Found Lemon Thistle

Punch Box Advent Calendar

If you really want to get interactive with your advent calendar, you can do no wrong with this one! Punch through the holes to get your Christmas countdown surprise!

Found Studio DIY

Modern Tree Advent Calendar

Looking for something cute and simple? Why not give this DIY a shot?!

Found Homey Oh My

Geometric Advent Calendar

This is a super modern advent calendar that doubles as a fantastic piece of wall art!

Found Sane Ishida

Glamorous Drawer DIY Advent Calendar

If there were ever a time to show off the glam, against the twinkling Christmas lights would be it!

Found Swoon Worthy

Wire Grid Calendar

Modern and cute, this calendar can be dressed up with some holly, bows, and snowflakes!

Found My Dubio

DIY Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Christmas celebrations aren’t just for humans! Your favorite pup will enjoy having treats counting down to the big day too! This DIY dog treat advent calendar is just the ticket!

Found All For the Memories

Vintage Christmas Advent Calendar

How cute is this simple, vintage advent calendar? Will this be the one that you choose?!

Found Elle Claire Inspired

Chalkboard Advent Calendar

How perfect is this cute countdown on a chalkboard? You can customize with whatever colors and ornaments that you like!

Found Thistlwood Farms

Stocking Advent Calendar

This DIY advent calendar is simple, cute, and perfect for kids! Customize it to your liking!

Found A Beautiful Mess


DIY Message in a Bottle Advent Calendar

For something a little different, try this message in a bottle advent calendar! If you have little adventurers at home, you can even hide one each day!

Found The Merry Thought

Picture Frame DIY Advent Calendar

How gorgeous is this framed DIY advent calendar?! Why not give it a try?

Found Lia Griffith

Gift Box DIY Advent Calendar

This cute DIY comes with free printable templates for ease!

Found Hey Look

DIY Snowy Christmas Tree Shelf and Advent Calendar

This DIY has two different parts! You can craft the shelf and leave it as is, or customize it to make a truly unique advent calendar!

Wooden House DIY Advent Calendar

Add to the holiday décor with a little village filled with treats!

Found Sugar and Charm

Envelop Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for a super simple DIY advent calendar, why not try this one that uses envelopes?! If you want to get creative, you can mix colors and sizes!

Found Houzz

Christmas Tree with Drawers Advent Calendar

How cute is this DIY tree with drawers?! It’s perfect for some simple and useful holiday table décor!

Found Jennifer Maker

Star Garland Advent Calendar

Make your advent calendar work twice as hard for your home! Not only will it help you count down to Christmas, it can double as festive garland!

Found A Beautiful Mess

Christmas Advent in a Jar

To do things a little differently, you can put your advent calendar into a jar!

Found Just A Girl Blog

Holiday Gift Boxes

These cute holiday gift boxes are the perfect place to stash all sorts of goodies as you count down for Santa!

Found Ali Edwards Design

Falling Stars Advent Calendar

This adorable falling stars advent calendar would look great in a rustic or farmhouse décor!

Found Design Sponge

3D Box Re-usable Advent Calendar

This 3D Advent Calendar takes a little bit of time, but you can re-use it every year!

Found Craftulate

DIY Clothespin Advent Calendar

It’s simple, but so cute! Why not give this clothespin DIY a shot?!

Found Bless Er House

Cute and Simple Box Calendar

This is a very simple countdown calendar that will work for nearly any décor!

Found Sally J Shim

33 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for a Wonderful Holiday Season