30 Terrific Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular American holidays, and is very much a family day. So, BigDIYIdeas wanted to be sure to share with your family some of the very best kids’ crafts – just in time for Thanksgiving that would make your holiday celebration even more fun!

In our collection, you’ll find Thanksgiving day crafts that are ideal for little ones, bigger kids and even teens wouldn’t say “no” to giving them a try. There are also crafts that the entire family can participate in – such as creating a Thanksgiving table centerpiece or a garland to decorate your dining room or living room. We’ve also found some terrific gratitude-themed crafts, especially ideal for this day of giving thanks.

Some of these crafts use finger paint or glue, so it is likely ideal to set up a place to do crafts that is near your Thanksgiving table, but not the table itself, as you’ve probably decorated it for the holiday. No one wants finger paint or sticky glue on their dress clothes they’ve worn for the holidays!

A fun project like a kids’ craft is ideal when you have extended family getting together. Even if the day is a little too cold or rainy and you can’t go outside, you know you will have something that will keep everyone occupied while dinner gets ready.

So, let’s get started! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Crafting!


Here’s a fun Thanksgiving craft! Try this before or after dinner.

From TheResourcefulMama

Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Turkey Windsocks

Fall brings blustery days. Make the most of them with these windsocks.

From HappinessIsHomemade 

Pot Belly Paper Turkey Craft

Here is a fun paper Thanksgiving craft. Great to do with older kids too.

From KidsCraftRoom

DIY Thanksgiving Garland

Wow! So pretty but also easy to make. Create this with your kids.

From TheBestIdeasForKids


A classic Thanksgiving Day craft – because (of course!) it is so popular! Give this one a try!

From iheartcraftythings

Thanksgiving Pie Garland

So charming! A fun way for kids to greet your family.

From MarthaStewart

Do a Dot Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Perft for little ones. Make lots of dots!

From TheResourcefulMama 

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn

Do you have pony beads at home? The perfect craft for Thanksgiving.

From OneLittleProject

DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Garland Craft for Kids

So charming! Make this with your kids for Thanksgiving.

From MamaBearAndCub

Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Turkey Treat Buckets

Perfect to decorate your holiday table with. Cute treat buckets.

From HappinessIsHomemade

How to Make Yarn Pumpkins

So charming! This is fun to make.

From DesignImproved

Mason Jar Turkeys for the Thanksgiving Kid Table

Do you have a kids’ table at Thanksgiving? Make this craft as a family!

From TheResourcefulMama

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Here is an eco-friendly craft. Fun for Thanksgiving.

From TheBestIdeasForKids

Flat Clothespin Turkey Kid Craft

Have clothespins in the house? Here is a great kids’ craft, just in time for Thanksgiving!

From TheResourcefulMama 

Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Gratitude Turkeys

So charming! Fun to make as a family.

From HappinessIsHomemade


Adorable and fun! We know your family will want to make these together.

From SewWoodsy

T is for Turkey Craft

A fun popsicle craft. DIY this one as a family.

From TheResourcefulMama

Pumpkin Pie Kids Craft

So charming! Make a Thanksgiving craft that will remind everyone of the delicious meal they will eat together.

From ANightOwlBlog

Thankful Turkey Craft

Showing gratitude on Thanksgiving is a popular tradition. You can do that as a family with this special craft.

From ADabOfGlueWillDo 

Chunky Fall Leaf Garland

This is a classic Fall and Thanksgiving craft. DIY this one with your family.

From HandmadeCharlotte

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Here is a fun Thanksgiving craft to do with little ones. Try this one.

From TheResourcefulMama 

Handprint Tree

So cute and the perfect Thanksgiving decor. Make this to decorate your family’s table.

From TheBestIdeasForKids

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft For Kids

So cute! Here is a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft.

From TheJoySharing

Gratitude Turkey

So charming. A wonderful way to express gratitude.

From LittleFamilyTree 

DIY Turkey Pie Toppers

Not just a craft but a treat too, for the Thanksgiving table. Great to make with older kids and teens.

From HandmadeCharlotte 

Turkey Headband Craft for Kids

So adorable and lots of fun to wear at the dinner table. DIY these for the whole family.

From SimpleEveryDayMom

Washi Tape Pinecone Turkey Tutorial

So adorable and you can make these with pinecones. Decorate the table with them!

From CraftaholicsAnonymous


Adorable! Tissue paper crafts are fun for little ones.

From MessForLess


Here’s family fun & a kids’ craft too. Try making this one for Thanksgiving Day.

From BrenDid