DIY Miu Miu Collar Tutorial

miu miu collar

The Miu Miu stand-alone collar has been talked about on countless blogs and covered in a plethora of fashion editorials. The entire collection was filled with jewels, pristine color palettes and catchy, girly prints – it’s one of my all time favorite collections and even the smallest piece from it can define an entire outfit. The DIY below teaches you to make your own printed collar. If you don’t want to paint and draw the designs on you can easily do this with iron-on paper as well.

Cut the collar off of a collared button-down shirt. When shopping for a shirt, focus more on the collar shape and size than on the color of the shirt. Having a 70’s style large and pointy collar is best. The shirt I found at the thrift store is iridescent blue and purple and green and pink. It’s absurd. It’s unbelievable. Cutting it up almost seemed like a crime. There’s still another one like it there – go to East Village Thrift on 2nd Ave and 11th Street!

You want to have this:

Take your paint and brush and paint on circular blobs. These are going to be daisies, so keep them round, but make the edges a little bit scalloped so you can define the petals.


Let this dry and then start to draw on the daisy outlines.

Repeat this for each daisy. I varied the size of the middle of each flower and the size of the petals just to make it look a little more interesting.