Abigail Beal

30 Terrific Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular American holidays, and is very much a family day. So, BigDIYIdeas wanted to be sure to share with your family some of the very best kids' crafts - just in time for Thanksgiving that would make your holiday celebration even more fun! In our collection, you'll find Thanksgiving day crafts that are ideal for little ones, bigger kids and … [Read more...] about 30 Terrific Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

40 Brilliant DIY Book Art Ideas

Hey! Are you a DIY-er and a book lover too?!? We have the perfect project for you: book art! It might surprise you - but it's possible to make things out of books. Before you recoil in complete shock, at the thought of destroying some of your favorite books to do DIY's projects with, realize just how eco-friendly it is, to take some of your old books and make things from … [Read more...] about 40 Brilliant DIY Book Art Ideas

40 Snazzy DIY Sharpie Crafts

Hey! Do you have Sharpies @home? If so, then you've got all to get started on a fun DIY project! There are lots of Sharpie DIYs you can try. We've found you 40 of them - from home decor, mugs, fashion, gifts to make and so much more. It might amaze you, but most Sharpie projects actually do NOT look as if they've been DIY-d by markers at all! No, many of them look quite … [Read more...] about 40 Snazzy DIY Sharpie Crafts

40 More DIY Rock Painting Ideas

If you like to stroll through your town, or hike in a pretty place, chances are you've come across hand-painted rocks. These are a new, popular DIY trend that have made a resurgence. In some communities, people post on Facebook in their local groups where people can find the rocks and then the people who've found them share photos of both finding them & then re-hiding … [Read more...] about 40 More DIY Rock Painting Ideas