40 Pawsome Doghouse DIY Ideas for Fido!


Hey! Do you have a dog or a puppy? We have the most pawsome DIY project for you to get started on! A doghouse!

Whether you have a tiny pooch or a super huge bow wow, you’ll find a great dog house here in the collection of DIY projects. We also have DIYs that are ideal for beginners, and then some that are especially good for the more advanced DIY-ers. If you are completely new to woodworking, we can recommend a few tips to you: always start with the best, high-quality wood, measure carefully before you cut and also keep your supplies and tools well organized, whether while working on your project or simply when storing them for future use. You certainly don’t want your pup (or other family members!) to come across a stray nail or screw. Asking a DIY buddy to help you, if you are new to woodworking is an excellent idea. Because you can always be their “buddy” on a future project.

Be sure that the DIY doghouse you pick is a comfortable size for your pup. You always want to be sure that not only they can lie down in it, but also that they can easily walk around in a circle. So this may sound a little silly – but get a cloth (or soft) measuring tape & double-check your dog’s measurements before you start! It’s far better to realize you need to build a house a little bigger before you’ve begun, than when you are watching the paint dry on it.

This is a DIY project that is perfect to do with older kids and teens, with some supervision. Because they will be quite happy to help create something that the family pet uses regularly, this will give them a lot of pride in their DIY skills.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


Build a Mini Ranch House for Your Pooch

For under $200, you can build a designer style DIY doghouse. Are you ready?

From Sunset 

DIY Double Door Dog House

Have more than 1 dog? Consider this DIY dog house.

From IntelligentDomestications 


Wow! If you really want to spoil your pup, then this is the doghouse to take a look at.

From RockstarPuppyBoutique

DIY Dog House

Beginners: looking for a terrific dog house to DIY? Give this one a try!

From RyobiTools

The Dog Mansion

Hey! Want to DIY a really fantastic dog house? Look at this one!

From Instructables

Dog House Camper Straight Line Designs Inc

Isn’t this adorable? Take with you when you go camping or RV-ing, just for your puppy!

From StraightLineDesigns

Dog House (cottage Style)

Want to DIY a truly stylish dog house? We know you & your dog will approve of this one!

From Instructables

Dog House

Doesn’t this look amazing! This DIY house even has a deck too!

From RyobiTools

Beau Dog House

Want a contemporary look to your dog house? Check out this one!

From KellyWearstler 

Recycled Dog House

Want a DIY dog house that’s eco-friendly? We’ve got it, right here!

From Instructables


Want to DIY a fun dog house for inside your home? Give this one a try!

From RyobiTools

Roland Amazing Dog House

Yes! This is amazing! There’s play space for the pup to climb on the outside, not just to be on the inside of the DIY house.

From Instructables


Isn’t this adorable? We know your pup will just adore it!

From RockstarPuppyBoutique

Dog House

Does your dog love to be outside? This DIY house is great, because it even has food dishes too built in.

From RyobiTools

Crooked Doghouse

Is this house for the family dog? This is a DIY house that will make the kids smile!

From Ana-White 

Snoopy Dog House

Every kid remembers Snoopy’s dog house! Why not DIY one just for your pup?

From RyobiTools

Awesome Dog House for Garden

Isn’t this great? Pawsome, especially if you get a lot of warm weather and keep your pup outside often.

From BeautyRoomDecor

Build a Dog House

Want to DIY a classic dog house? Here’s the perfect one to make.

From Lowe’s

Ultra-Light Dog House

Functional & great in tough weather too. If you get heavy snow storms or other type of weather, take a look at this DIY dog house (just don’t leave your pup outside in them!).


From Instructables


Such a lovely house? What doggie wouldn’t want a nice Cape house?

From RockstarPuppyBoutique 

DIY Dog House

Beginners, here is a great DIY dog house to make. Get ready to make your pup a nice doghouse!

From Shanty 2 Chic 

Geometric Doghouse

Love woodworking & want a fun DIY doghouse? Here’s a great project for you!

From Homemade-Modern

Farmhouse Barn Door Crate

Want an indoor or outdoor dog house? Look at this stylish one.

From Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Wooden Doghouse Tutorial

Want a classic doghouse? Try this great DIY tutorial.

From DearLilieStudio

Firefighter Themed Dog House

Isn’t this amazing? Pawsome for multiple dogs too.

From Imgur

Of Course Paris Hilton’s Dogs Live in a Two-Story Mansion

Just for inspiration…but keep it in mind that if anyone giggles about you building a fancy dog house. Well, Paris Hilton’s pups have it a lot grander than most people do!

From Domino

Scrap Wood Dog House

So cute! DIY this fun dog house.

From RyobiTools

East Fork Free Doghouse (or Playhouse or Storage Shed) Plans (Kind of)…

So adorable! Not for a beginning DIY-er, but this one looks like fun to make!

From Ana-White

Rustic Pallet Dog House

Love pallet wood projects? We know you’re going to want to try this DIY dog house.

From EasyPalletIdeas 

MDK9 Dog House

Want a modern style dog house? Look at this one for your pup.

From RockstarPuppyBoutique

Dog House Waterproof Wooden

Who can resist a classic dog house? We love that it is raised a bit, to keep it from getting flooded too.

From Etsy.com by DotePet 

Cubix Dog House

Want a totally modern dog house? This one will be the envy of the block!

From PoshPuppyBoutique

The Ultimate Cedar Dog House

Love classic dog houses? This one is made out of cedar.

From Etsy.com by InfiniteWoodCraft


Like the cat people who have “catios”? Try this gazebo style doghouse!

From JenWoodHouse

Custom Exclusive Lifeguard Stand Dog House

Totally pawsome for your beach house. Any pup will love keeping cool in this house by the sea.

From PoshPuppyBoutique

Small / Short Shed with doghouse…

Here’s the perfect DIY doghouse. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your yard.

From Ana-White

DIY Insulated Dog House

Do you get cold weather? This is the pawsome dog house you’ll want to DIY.

From WilkerDos

Custom Luxurious Designer Dog House- La Casa Grande Style Mansion

Now, why shouldn’t your pup have a super fancy doghouse? Every king has his castle!

From PoshPuppyBoutique


Doesn’t this DIY doghouse make you smile? Fun to make too!

From JenWoodHouse