40 Fantastic DIY Floral Wreaths to Make


Why, there’s something so lovely about flowers, isn’t there? We know you will admire these stunning DIY floral wreaths. But – you don’t have to “only” admire them, as a DIY-er, you have the ability to make them too!

We’ve found you 40 fantastic floral wreaths that you can create, just in time for spring and summer. There are so many projects to choose from. Whether you love tulips, peonies, roses or other flowers, there are DIY wreaths that feature them. You’ll notice classic, contemporary and vintage wreaths in the selection we are sharing with you too.

A DIY wreath also makes an excellent housewarming gift, whether you have a new neighbor moving in or you have a friend who has bought a new home. Giving this as a gift, they will think of you each time they enter and leave their door, remembering the warmth of your kindness and friendship. Best of all, you have the ability to truly customize the DIY wreath not only with their favorite flowers but also with colors they love, and make it the perfect size for their door too – whether that is large, oversize, medium or a smaller sized wreath.

Beginning DIY-ers can feel confident that they will get great results creating a floral wreath too. Most of these projects can be done by a beginner, though some are more for advanced DIY-ers. Simply take a look at the instructions.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!



So pretty. Try this DIY.

From HelloCentralAvenue

Spring Wreath

Truly spring in bloom. Absolutely glorious.

From Etsy.com by branchnbloom

Twig Triangle Wreaths

So charming. Here is a lovely spring wreath.

From APrettyFix

Elegant wreath

Isn’t this floral wreath elegant? It’s perfect.

From Etsy.com by cranberrycustoms 

Minimal Vintage Floral Wreath

Unique and charming. We know you’ll like this wreath.

From APrettyFix 


Love magnolias? Here is the wreath for you.

From TheHowToMom 

Easy Tulip Wreath DIY

A lovely way to add a bit of spring to your home. Here is a fun DIY.

From ChatfieldCourt

Vintage Wreath

Do you love the vintage style? Here’s the floral wreath for you.

From Etsy.com by DayDaisyBoutique 

Spring Floral Wreath

So beautiful. Here is a wreath we know you’ll love.

From Etsy.com from WreathsbyLaura

fall wheel wreath tutorial

Isn’t this lovely? We know you’ll want to hang this wreath up.

From LollyJane

Upcycled Paper Rose Wreath

Isn’t this charming? Make from book pages.

From Etsy.com SadiMaeDesigns

Orange, Blue and Green Silk Floral Late Summer Early Fall Wreath

Such lovely colors. The perfect spring or summer wreath.

From AprilsGarden 

Pink Rose Wreath

Roses and peonies, what could be lovelier? This is a wreath we know you’ll like.

From Etsy.com by VitaSemplice 


So stylish! We know you’ll love this wreath.

From TheHowToMom

Tulip Wreath DIY – gorgeous and easy!

Love tulips! This is a beautiful wreath.

From TheHowToMom

Grapevine Wreath

So charming and perfect for spring. We love the striped bow too.

From Etsy.com by FiveStarFloralnGifts

Purple hoop Wreath

So lovely. This wreath has peonies in it.


From Etsy.com by WreathDesignsArt

Easy to Make Floral Summer Wagon Wheel Wreath

So charming. What a fun floral DIY wreath.

From LollyJane

Farmhouse wreaths

so lovely! Here is a wreath we know you’ll adore.

From Etsy.com by FleursDeLaVie 

DIY Sage and Blush Spring Wreath

Very sophisticated. Would make a lovely housewarming gift too.

From BlesserHouse


These are such happy flowers! What a welcoming wreath.

From Kclee

DIY Wood Bead Floral Wreath

Very sweet. Here is a fun DIY wreath to make.

From LollyJane 

DIY Pink & Blue Easy Spring Wreath

So lovely. Would be pretty for a baby’s nursery too.

From ArtsyChicksRule

DIY Moss Ball Floral Wreath Tutorial

So charming! We know you’ll love this one.

From LollyJane 

DIY Initial Wreath

Monogrammed wreaths have been very popular. Take a look at this lovely one!

From BlesserHouse 

DIY Modern Floral Wreath

Such a lovely wreath. The perfect way to say Hello to Spring.

From LollyJane

Floral wreath boho

Isn’t this charming? We love the hoops in it.

From Etsy.com by DriftyBusiness

Dollar Store DIY Red Berry Wreath

Isn’t this lovely for winter? You can get everything at the dollar store too.

From ArtsyChicksRule

DIY Hydrangea Wreath

Perfect for spring. So colorful too.

From ArtsyChicksRule 


so charming! We love the flowers in this wreath.

From Kclee

DIY Green Berry Wreath

A lovely wreath. This is one we know you’ll want to DIY.

From ArtsyChicksRule 

Unique Summer Wreath Idea

We love this wreath. It is one you won’t see every day.

From ArtsyChicksRule 

Spring Hydrangea Wreath Swag Pink

Here’s a uniquely shaped wreath. We love the bright pink color.

From Etsy.com from TimelessFloralBtq 

Mini Peony Magnolia

Do you love peonies? Look at this floral wreath.

From Kclee