40 DIY Vintage Apron Ideas


If you are a DIY sewer – we want you to get excited! Because we have the perfect project for you: vintage aprons! Even if this is your very first DIY sewing project, you can feel confident, as this is a super beginner friendly one to try.

Most vintage aprons you can make with a yard of fabric, or even less. While aprons may sound super old fashioned, they are incredibly practical, especially if you are cooking for guests who will arrive soon. No one likes to get flour, spices or sauces on their clothing – and then to have to change just before party guests come over. So a DIY apron truly can save the day.

During holiday times, aprons are terrific to have handy too. Don’t think they are “just” for the Fall & Winter holidays such as Thanksgiving & Christmas – if you’re having a fantastic 4th of July BBQ, then we know you’re going to want an apron too.

Lots of these aprons have pockets too, which is simply amazing. No, not those decorative ones – pockets you actually can put things into!

A vintage DIY apron makes a terrific housewarming or holiday gift. So start picking out fabric and plan out your holiday presents now!


Let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

Retro Ric Rac Apron

Isn’t this sweet? Perfect to make before baking season starts.

From FlamingoToes

Vintage Half Apron Pattern

Love the big pockets on this apron. This is one you’ve got to DIY.

From AllFreeSewing

Vintage Style Sweetheart Apron

Are you a sweetheart or do you know one? Here’s a great apron to DIY.

From Sew4Home

Vintage kitchen apron

So charming & it’s crochet too. Isn’t it lovely?

From Etsy.com by boutiqueseragun 

simple gathered half apron tutorial

Such a lovely apron. This is one you’ll want to DIY.

From DeliaCreates

A Christmas Apron Tutorial

Want a lovely apron for Christmas? Try this charming DIY.

From SeaSaltAndStitches

Women’s Vintage Full Apron with Side Ties, Pink and White with Embroidered Pockets

Such a sweet apron! We love this one.

From Etsy.com by TheSweetBasilShoppe

Vintage Inspired Pink and Black Half Apron-Retro Kitchen Apron-One Size

Here’s a fun vintage apron. Look at this one!

From HallwaayLightingIdeas

French Plus Sized Apron for women

Isn’t this charming? This is an apron to love.

From Etsy.com by CatWalkAprons

Simple Reversible Half Apron Tutorial

This is one you’ll want to DIY. It’s reversible.

From CranialHiccups

Vintage Aprons Aprons for women

Love these half aprons. Especially the pockets in them.

From Etsy.com by CatWalkAprons 


So lovely with the roses. Try this DIY.

From TheSeaManMom

Vintage 1960’s Women’s Apron

So charming! Here is a fun apron.

From Etsy.com by ParkwaterPrincess

My 1962 Inspired Apron

Want an apron from the 1960’s. Take a look at this one.

From CranialHiccups

White and Red Full Length Women’s Apron

What a beautiful apron! A full length one too.

From Etsy.com by KelliesCottage 


Ruffles fan? Try this one.

From MyKitchenEscapades

Easy DIY 30 Minute Apron

Want to make a quick 30-minute apron. Here’s a great DIY.


From FlamingoToes

DIY Flirty Apron Tutorial

So adorable! Here’s a fun apron to DIY.

From TheDatingDivas 

Re-imagine & Renovate: Vintage Style Apron Becomes a Floral Fantasy

Isn’t this adorable! Perfect vintage apron to DIY.

From Sew4Home

Fuschia Dot Apron

We love the bow on this apron. Super charming!

From AmyHeartsIt 

Simple Retro Christmas Apron

Getting ready for the Christmas season? Here is a charming vintage apron for you!

From FlamingoToes

Matching Mom and Child Free Apron Pattern

Aren’t these sweet? Aprons for Mom and child.

From FynesDesigns

1920s Ladies Apron Tutorial

Want a real vintage apron? Try this DIY.

From CranialHiccups 

Wednesday Sewing: One Yard Apron

Did you know that you can sew a whole apron with just a yard of fabric? Try this great DIY.

From ArtThreads


So charming! Perfect for the holidays too.

From FleeceFun


So adorable! Got to make this DIY vintage apron.

From CrazyLittleProjects 

Easy Summer Picnic Ruffled Apron

Want a great summer vintage apron? Try this fun DIY.

From FlamingoToes

One Yard “Use-it-all” Apron Pattern and Tutorial

Don’t you love half aprons? Old fashioned and very sweet.

From SewsItAll

Ruffles & Buttons Apron

Here’s a sweet vintage apron. Try this fun DIY.

From FlamingoToes 

State Fair Apron Pattern Release!

Here’s a charming vintage style apron. Inspired by State Fairs.

From FlamingoToes 

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set – Apron!!

Want a patriotic vintage style apron? Try this great DIY.

From FlamingoToes

Giant Rick Rack Apron

So adorable! You’ve got to make this DIY.

From FlamingoToes 

Pleated Kitchen Confections Apron

Perfect for when you are baking! Make this for Christmas gifts too.

From Sew4Home

Patriotic Pleated Apron

Here’s a wonderful patriotic vintage apron. Perfect for 4th of July or other U.S.A. holidays.

From FlamingoToes 

Colorful Vintage Handkerchief Apron

A very traditional apron. Do you have handkerchiefs to make this DIY?

From FlamingoToes