40 Amazing DIY Bath Bomb Ideas


Have you ever made bath bombs? If not, you’re in for a real treat! This is a fun DIY! Even if you’re a beginner, most of the projects here are ones that you can do with confidence.

Bath bombs make terrific gifts, whether as a birthday gift, holiday gift, Christmas stocking stuffer or a “just because” gift to make that special someone smile. We know you’re going to think they are amazing, as there are lots of different fragrances and types that you can DIY. So it is easy to find one that your family and friends will adore!

If you have kids or teens, keep a couple of these recipes handy as they make for a fun party DIY or craft project! Best of all, everyone gets to take something home which is terrific and they learn how to do a new DIY project too.

We’ve found you 40 amazing projects here to create bath bombs. So whether you want to make them in specific shapes such as cupcakes or certain fragrances like lavender, there is a great recipe here for you to try.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


DIY Sweet Orange Bath Bomb Recipe

What a fragrant bath scent! We know you’ll adore this one!

From GluesticksBlog

Mermaid Bath Bombs That Look AMAZING Two Ways!

Colorful and fun. Try DIY-ing these with your daughter.

From RufflesAndRainboots

Heart Rose Bath Bombs

So pretty and luscious too. DIY these for yourself or a gift.

From HappyGoLucky

Sugar Plum Fairy Cupcake Bath Bombs

So sweet! Try this fun DIY.

From SteamPoweredFamily 


Absolutely fantastic! These would make great gifts too.

From TheMakeupDummy 

Painted Berry Bath Bombs

So pretty! Don’t you love painted berries?

From SoapQueen

Fish Bath Bombs

So adorable! Fun for kids too!

From BeautyCrafter 

DIY Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb

Are you a Starbucks fan? This is the bath bomb for you!

From APumpkinAndAPrincess 

Lingonberry Bath Bombs

Perfect for wintertime. A great bath bomb.

From SoapQueen

St. Patrick’s Day Bath Bomb: Shamrock Shake Bath Bomb

Are you a huge fan of the Shamrock shake? DIY this fun bath bomb.

From BeautyCrafter

Galaxy Bath Bombs

So colorful and fun. Try DIY-ing these.

From LemonLimeAdventures

How to Make Bath Bombs Foam

So pretty! Don’t you love this?

From TheMakeupDummy 

Peppermint Bath Bombs

So lovely! The perfect holiday gift too.

From BeautyCrafter 

DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs

So adorable! Fun to make at a teen’s sleepover party.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

DIY Milky Way Galaxy Bath Bomb Tutorial

So pretty! Try this DIY, the perfect gift idea!

From DoItBetterYourself 

Coffee and Cream Bath Bombs

Sound so yummy! DIY these bath bombs.

From BeautyCrafter 

DIY Mermaid Bath Bomb Popsicles with sparkle dip

Are you a mermaid fan? We know you’ll want to DIY these!

From TheMakeupDummy

DIY Bath Bombs with Rings Inside

Fun to make with your teen daughter! Try this DIY.

From BeautyCrafter


Want to DIY bath bombs? DIY this recipe!


From TweakAndTinker

DIY Rose Bath Bombs

How luxurious! You’ve got to DIY these yummy bath bombs.

From BeautyCrafter 

DIY Frozen Snowman Bath Bombs

So adorable! The perfect winter bath bomb.

From TheMakeupDummy 

Gingerbread Bath Bombs Recipe

Perfect for winter. They smell wonderful!

From BeautyCrafter

DIY Birthday Cake Bath Bomb

What a fun birthday gift! DIY this as a present.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

DIY Grinch Bath Bomb

Perfect for Christmas gifts! A fun stocking stuffer!

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

DIY Gift: Bath Bomb Kit in a Jar

Truly indulgent. A lovely gift.

From TheMakeupDummy 

Unicorn Bath Bombs DIY

So fun! Make these with your teen or tween.

From HipMamasPlace

DIY Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs with Frosting

So sweet and perfect to relax. A great gift idea too.

From TheMakeupDummy 

DIY Jack Skellington Bath Bomb

A fun Halloween treat – no tricks here! DIY these for your friends!

From APumpkinAndAPrincess 

DIY Gingerbread House Bath Bombs

So charming for Christmastime. DIY these bath bombs.

From TheMakeupDummy 

DIY Mermaid Bath Bomb Tutorial

Love mermaids? DIY these fun bath bombs.

From SweetRedPoppy

DIY Bath Bomb Ornaments

So charming. Perfect for the holidays.

From TheMakeupDummy

DIY Harry Potter Bath Bombs

Harry Potter fan, or know one? Here’s a fun DIY.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

DIY Hidden Rainbow Bath Bomb + review liquid soap dye

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Try this fun DIY!

From TheMakeupDummy 

DIY Moisturising Bath Bombs Recipe – Homemade Milk & Honey Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are almost tasty! We know you’ll want to DIY them.

From CountryHillCottage 

Easy DIY Bubble Bar Bath Bomb Recipe

Aren’t these fantastic? Give this DIY a try.

From TheMakeupDummy 

DIY Butterbeer Bath Bombs

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll want to make these. Lots of fun.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

Vanilla Milkshake Bath Bomb Recipe

Sweet and so good for your skin. Try DIY-ing this bath bomb.

From BeautyCrafter

DIY Golden Egg Bath Bombs

So pretty! Perfect for springtime.

From TheMakeupDummy