40 Easy DIY Crafts for Your Kids to Make


Easy DIY crafts are a great choice for a fun kids’ activity. This is something you can supervise them doing or also do together as a family. It might surprise you that even with easier, simple crafts that you and your child can get great results with so many projects. DIY crafts can make terrific Thank You gifts for teachers at the end of the school year. They are also great to give to Grandparents for birthdays, holidays or simply to make them smile. Whether your child is very young or older, fortunately you’ll find lots o fideas for them to try.

You’ll find kids projects that use inexpensive supplies, such as Popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls or paper plates. Most likely you’ll even have some of these on hand even before you’ve thought of doing this craft. Keep in mind that if your child especially likes one type of craft – such as paper bag puppets, that you will find quite a few other projects to make that are using the same materials, just have a different craft theme. Doing some different crafts can give them confidence in their craft skills too and is also a lot of fun.

If your child is new to trying a type of craft, we recommend that you do it together so they can see how it is done. Have fun & Happy Crafting!

Bubble Wand Lightsabers

These are cool and easy to make. Perfect for your little Star Wars fans.


From CreateCraftLove

Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Like Star Wars? Try this fun paper bag craft.

From GluesticksAndGumDrops

Giant Paper Pinwheels

Old fashioned but fun kids craft. These are great to make with kids of all ages.

From KidsActivitiesBlog

Space Shuttle Craft

Here’s a fun craft with a toilet paper roll. Make a Space Shuttle.

From IHeartCraftyThings

Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet

Like Star Wars? Why not make this fun paper bag puppet.

From AGrandeLife

Minion Paper Plate Craft

Like the Minions movies? Try this fun paper plate craft with your kids.

From GluesticksAndGumDrops

Popsicle Stick Monsters

Aren’t these cute? Eat the Popsicles and then make the crafts.

From IHeartArtsNCrafts

DIY Rainbow Heart Pom Pom Wreath

Here’s a sweet craft to do with kids. They can hang the wreath up in their rooms or in your home.

From HelloWonderful

Yoda Ears

Here’s a fun craft. Make these Star Wars Yoda ears.

From ThisSimpleHome

Robot Valentine Box

Do your kids give Valentines at school? Make this fun Valentine’s Day box!

From GluesticksAndGumdrops

Star Wars R2 D2 Craft for Kids

Like R2 D2 from Star Wars? Best thing about this craft is there is a version for younger and also for older kids too.

From MomInspiredLife

Paper Plate Lion

Here’s a cute kids craft. You start with a simple paper plate.

From KidsActivitiesBlog

How to Make Glitter Slime

Kids like slime. This recipe uses only 3 ingredients.

From MomLuck

Paper Plate Darth Vader Puppet

Here’s a cute puppet craft. You start with a paper plate.

From TheChirpingMoms

Popsicle Stick Triceratops

Does your kids like dinosaurs? Try this fun DIY craft.

From IHeartArtsNCrafts

Make Stress Balls Kids will Love

Here’s a great DIY that can also help kids calm down. This is a good project to make.

From NaturalBeachLiving

Handprint Toucan Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun hand-print craft. Why not make this with your child?

From IHeartArtsNCrafts 

String Art Kids Craft

Want your kids to learn how to do string art? Here is a cute DIY craft.

From RealityDayDream

Amazing Tin Foil Craft for Kids

This is a simple but clever craft. You need tin foil and very few supplies for it.

From 123Homeschool4Me

Recycled CD Ladybug

Here’s a fun eco-friendly and handprint craft. Great to make with little kids.


From IHeartArtsNCrafts

How to Dye Rainbow Flowers

Now here is a fun project – ideal to do with kids of just about any age! Dye roses a rainbow of colors.

From HelloWonderful

Colorful Jellyfish Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun craft, especially for summer. Try making these with your kids.

From IHeartCraftyThings

Clothespin Penguin Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun craft using clothespins. Great for little ones.

From CraftyMorning

Spring Themed Kids Craft Marble Painting

Here’s a great craft for kids of any age. Try marble painting, its also great for cardmaking.

From RealityDayDream

DIY Recycled Bottle Bubble Blower

Now here’s a fun DIY! Make a bubble blower with your kids.

From HelloWonderful

DIY Mason Jar Glitter Lava Lamps

Mason jar crafts are more popular than ever. Here is a simple DIY craft that is perfect for young kids.

From HelloWonderful

Falling Leaves Kids Craft

Here’s a pretty craft. This would make a great gift for grandparents too.

From RealityDayDream

Fun Dinosaur Activity for Kids – Dinosaur Ice Eggs Excavation

Like dinosaurs? Here is a fun DIY and activity for kids.

From MomLuck

Shark Paper Tube Craft

Isn’t this shark cute? Try this DIY craft with your kids.

From HelloWonderful

Rainbow Shaving Cream Marbled Art

What could be more fun than messy shaving cream and bright colors? This looks like a great DIY for kids.

From HelloWonderful

Clothespin Ocean Animals

Perfect for summertime fun! Make ocean animals.

From Dzieciakiwdomu

Star Wars Characters Toilet Tube Craft

Is The Force strong in your home? Try this fun kids craft.

From HelloWonderful

DIY Dog Paw Print Ornament Keepsakes

Is the family dog your child’s favorite pet? They’ll like making this DIY ornament.

From MomLuck

Wooden Spoon Mermaid Craft

Have a little girl who likes mermaids? Here’s a cute craft to make.

From IHeartCraftyThings

Easy Crafts with Upcycled Toilet Paper Rolls

Every home winds up with these cardboard rolls. Use them in kids’ crafts.

From Recyclart

Clothespin Planter

Isn’t this sweet? Kids can make this for a teacher gift or grandparents.

From Happy-Giraffe

Newspaper Shark Craft

Here is a cute ocean themed craft. Make this with your kids, its a shark!

From IHeartCraftyThings

Clothespin and Button Car Crafts for Kids

Vroom vroom! Make and race these cars!

From FrugalFun4Boys

Colorful Pasta Fish Craft

Here is a fun craft especially for little kids. Pasta crafts are a true classic.

From IHeartCraftyThings

Clothespin Birds

Aren’t these cute? Make a flock of birds with simple clothespins.

From Dzieckiakiwdomu